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Privacy Policy

Under the new EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), all companies are required to seek consent from all individuals that they hold or are to hold data on. Because of this directive, we are obliged to ensure that our clients are fully aware of what data we hold, how we use it and how long we hold it. This legislation is effective from 25th May 2018.


At ASBA Accounting Ltd, we value the trust of all our clients. To earn your trust, we respect your privacy in handling personal data relating to and your business and that you deserve full control in deciding what happens with your data. This Privacy Policy describes who controls the personal data we collect about you, what types of personal data we collect about you, what we do with it and how you can control our use of it.


Who controls personal data gathered about you?


Your personal data is collected, processed and used by ASBA Accounting Ltd, registered address 2 Furnace Parade, Crawley, West Sussex, RH10 6NX. ("ASBA Accounting") as the data controller.


What personal data does ASBA Accounting collect?


We collect personal data that you voluntarily provide to us when you register interest or as a client with us. Such personal data include title, first and last name, company name, VAT number (if applicable), CIS number (if applicable), UTR number (if applicable), date of birth, email address, telephone and fax number, access to HMRC and the following information if provided voluntarily: how you learned of the Website, your business card, number of employees and when your business was founded (collectively, "transactional data").


We may also collect usage data relating to your use of our Website, such as your IP address, if you come to our Website through a referral page or through a link in a targeted promotional email or an advertisement on another website referring to our Website, in addition, we may collect information on the referral page, and the targeted promotional email or advertisement together with your IP address to analyse the effectiveness of our marketing activities (collectively "usage data").


How does ASBA Accounting use personal data about me?


The transactional data we collect will be used to process any requests made by yourselves, communicate with you regarding your account, assist in the execution of our duties for you and provide you with specifically tailor marketing and information through the pre-agreed mediums of communication outlined in the Consent Form/Privacy Notice.

The usage data will be used to customise our methods of marketing and communication as well as assess the effectiveness of our client engagement and advertising activities.


With whom might ASBA Accounting share personal data about me?


Due to the nature of our industry, from time to time we are required to share certain aspects of information to governing bodies such as HMRC, Companies House, to comply with their jurisdiction. We will endeavour to maintain communication with you throughout any request for information we receive. However, we must stress that we will comply with any request made to us that bears the relevant warrant and authority to do so.


ASBA Accounting occasionally uses the services of independent businesses to complete bookkeeping and analysis work as required. Currently, we use "H Susses Bookkeeping", "Red and Black Bookkeeping", and "RS Bookkeeping".


How can I limit the use and sharing personal data about me?


We will only contact you regarding non-business-related issues if you have given us prior authorisation to do so. We will document all the methods that we communicate to you with and give you the opportunity to change your preferences as required. You can update these preferences with us at any time to ensure you are always in control of the data we hold on you.

ASBA Accounting will still require to contact you regarding the work we carry out on your behalf to ensure the continued professional and precise nature of our work.


How can I access or update personally identifiable information about myself?


Your data is always available to you. You can request a breakdown of the data we hold on you at any time and you can request that your data is returned to you. As per the government regulations, we are required to keep any financial paperwork for 7 years – after this time we dispose of it in a secure manner to ensure at no point your privacy is compromised. We do, however, offer you the opportunity to request this data back instead of having it destroyed. The options are laid out in the Consent Form/Privacy notice, but this can be amended at any time.


How may I contact ASBA Accounting?


If you have any questions about our handling of personal data relating to you, please contact us via the contact form at the bottom of the main page. Alternatively, you can write to us at ASBA Accounting Ltd, 2 Furnace Parade, Crawley, West Sussex, RH10 6NX.

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